Hey My Reader!💜

Hey Hey You You!

I’m a crazy girl you know that!

Perfect for everyone!

Imperfect For the world yea!

I don’t care what is going on!

I just care about Dad and mom!

I do the stuff that makes me cool!

I like when nerds call me fool!

Oh this earth full of normal beings!

How one can handle such things!

I dance I sing I blink!

I move I abuse I am cool !

This poem is not having any morals and all!

I have written it just to express my power!

Power of ignoring the haters!

Power of loving the traitors!

Power of keeping secrets!

Shh! I can spread them too !

Power of being happy happy happy!

And you mY reader I Love You!


Oh My love!

​I love you! 


I loved your eyes!

I loved your smile!

Is that true?

Who am I?

I am a teenager

For me love is a drug!

I fall in love everday!

I fall in love  with beauty you can say!

Love is yet to be discovered!

Yet to be defined!

For me love is not solitary!

I can love everybody!

Yes I’m using the word love

And I will do it in everyline!

Maybe my repetition

Can make you fall for I!

Nor going to define what love is!

Neither I understood 

Just want to express 

That love all!

Love me!

Yes you can love the writer!

Love life!

Love haters!

And The evil will die!


Going with love or from Love?

Who is a daughter?

She is a princess

She is a doll

She is a diamond

With a beautiful soul

Every father loves her daughter

More than anyone else

He gives her everything

The strength of bond I can’t tell!

But Now days I am ashamed

Of Some incidents going on

Ah! That really hurts

Where’s the love gone!

It is good to love a guy

It is good to choose a partner

It is good to be in relationship

But love is really making people blind!

I have seen girls running away

With their fake beloved ones!

Yes they are fake

As they are leaving their

Loving Dad and MoM!

I don’t have any answers 

But I have questions for you!

Can you leave the one who gives birth?

Can you leave the one who describes earth?

Can you leave the one who made you read?

Can you leave the one who made you what you are?

If  Yes then My dear

You don’t deserve love 

You don’t deserve Respect!

The thing that rates you is


And your rights should be wrecked!


Amigos ( F.R.I.E.N.D.S)!

F amily with no blood relations
R iver with fresh water
I nk that never fades
E ye with that black shades
N est with a pretty bird
D ay with a morning breeze
  Friends are love seas!

Their presence defines pleasure!
Their talks define music
They are exorbitant treasure!

Although  Homo sapiens are good buddies!
But friendship can be done with everybody
Here everybody is everything!
The book you read the food you eat!
The dog you saw that cat with paw!

Friendhip is love!
Love is Friendship!
The only lines to learn
Crave the ugly enemy and let him highly burn!

Making friends makes life longer

Defeating the foe building you stronger! 



Where’s the comb Ma!

Oh today again I thought

She would be here with me

And Give me that angry shot!

I miss her while doing the stuff

All alone by myself!

I remember how she work

Everday for me and herself!

Whenever I loose something She found!

Oh my mom has love

That weighs more than pounds!

I’m a big girl now

Who can do everything by own

But one side of mine Still wishes my mom!

These lines are for every big kid

Who’s living alone!

But don’t worry dear

You are still a baby for your mom!

And she’ll treat you like an infant

Whenever you’ll go home!


What I Want You To Be!

I walk I talk I cry

I run I crawl I try

I see I meet I date

But only thing I can’t do Is hate!

They fight they quarrel they love

Some are trees & other shrubs

They learn they earn they grow

But only thing they cant’ do Is to Stop!

Time saves Time heals time steals

Everything we want need or dream

Time even changes all around

But the thing time can’t do Is to be reversed down!

So why we hate each other? Why we backbite?

Why just we cant spread the positive vibe?

Nothing will left nothing will be taken !

As When you will sleep forever You can never be awaken..!



His lips craved on my neck Wetting my soul!

We both were night owl

That dream was like a fantasy!


The arms touching the waist Slowly the heat of skin!

Getting in and in!

And Body sweating !


Healing my heart

Was his whisper in ears!

Wiping my tears

Was his love quotes!


Getting touched by someone

Close to you!

Makes false feel true!

And all that lost is you!